Tower of Light for Rescuers

Nocturnal activities of Karratha SES will be more visible, thanks to a strong community connection with the Shotokan Karate Club. 

Instructors Fiona and Ian Ellis operate the Karate club to cover running costs and make donations to local groups from surplus membership funds. Late last year a generous donation to the SES was dedicated to the purchase of a portable light tower, which was welcomed to the unit on 25th January. Some members joked that it will offer defence against the dark! 


Flexible in its application, the inflatable lighting unit can be powered from the mains or a portable generator. Rob Graham, Rescue Officer, commented "Ready access to effective lighting for night time operations and training is always a challenge. This light tower provides huge coverage, without glare, and can be located or easily moved to where teams need it." 


Ian and Fiona have been teaching karate in Karratha since 2006. They are not paid to coach, however, students pay a small training fee to cover expenses relating to the running of the club. In 2014/2015 interest in the club grew way beyond what they had expected and consequently had a slight budget excess. The couple decided to do more for the community and to donate to the Karratha SES. Both are SES members and enjoy the support and friendship they have received from the unit over the years, especially when they have been through tough times. As Fiona said, "Belonging to a unit with people that put the community first, appreciate what ever contribution you make - large or small - and make you feel that you are always a valued member of the team is something that the unit can be proud of."  According to both Ian and Fiona "The light represents the outstanding contribution every SES member makes to the community as they are all shining examples of what makes the Karratha SES such a great unit to be involved with."

Huge thanks to Fiona, Ian and all members of the

Shotokan Karate Club for their generous support